Butcher Supplies Calgary

Butcher Supplies Calgary

Check with High Caliber Products when you’re in search of cost-effective butcher supplies in Calgary- we are known throughout the district for carrying quality products at some of the best prices around. Butchers and packers rely on us to have the items they need in stock in and out of season- we are committed to meeting those needs.

7 Must-Have Items on Our Butcher Shop Equipment List

1. If you’re a local sausage supplier, you’ll discover a wide selection of sausage making supplies from High Caliber Products, including sausage casing, meat mixers & grinders, sausage stuffers, patty machines, jerky equipment & supplies, containers, spices, cures, and more. Check with us before placing your next order for affordable prices on everything you need to make perfect sausages.

2. Pick up a quality meat cleaver or butcher knife from our store when you want a cutting tool that will be around for many years. We carry knives, sharpeners, steels, and accessories from companies like Zwilling and Victorinox.

3. Make day to day tasks a breeze with our 10” gravity feed meat slicer for slicing bacon, jerky, or cold cuts. You can consider one of our commercial slicers as an investment that will lead to a high ROI. For more information about this and other butcher supplies in Calgary, contact us by phone at 1-877-736-7287.

4. A high capacity pressure canner is always beneficial to have on hand- our 21 ½ qt canner has space inside for 7 quarts and 19 pint jars. This canner’s precision machined metal to metal sealing system offers the owner the unique advantage of not having to replace gaskets or seals over the product’s lifetime.

5. When shopping for butchers equipment for sale, you may have a meat mixer or grinder in mind for your shop. We carry both items in our stock at High Caliber Products. See our inventory for electric grinders & accessories that will turn time-consuming chores into simple tasks. Our meat mixers are handy, as well, allowing you to create the perfect sausage blends and meat mixes.

6. Improve accuracy with scale printers and labels from our supply store. We carry dial scales, digital scales, and scales that create labels for butcher shop counter service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in selecting the best scale for your operations.

7. Stock up on freezer paper, butcher paper, vacuum bags and vacuum machines to preserve your product; you’ll find exceptional prices on everything we carry to protect your meats from losses due to exposure. Invest in a state of the art vacuum system to save space in your freezer and keep meats from getting freezer burned.

At High Caliber Products, we have it all for less, so you can always find what you need from us without having to shop around form multiple suppliers. Shop in person in our Calgary supply store or place an order online for the most convenience; either way, we are here to offer exceptional customer support if you have questions or need our assistance.

Butcher Supplies Calgary

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Butcher Supplies Calgary

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