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best thai Victoria

best thai Victoria

Anthony Bourdain once revealed that taking a culinary-inspired trip to Vietnam had a profound effect on his perceptions about his life and passion for food. The renowned former cook shared a ‘bun cha’ meal with the former United States President, Barrack Obama. Anthony had an awe-inspiring travel documentary that showcased his amazement at the unique gastronomic processes of Vietnamese food. He had a particular interest in Banh beo, bun bo, com hen, Banh bot loc and Banh beo; the major food combinations of a Vietnamese recipe. Anthony Bourdain’s remarks create a ripple effect on Vietnamese food fanatics and other chefs who honor his tertiary education at The Culinary Institute of America and decorated television career. 

Vietnamese cooking goes against the grain of what we might consider exquisite. The oddness does not stop it from attracting and maintaining a considerable following within and without the country’s borders. The food has a heavy influence of noodle soups and stir-fries from the Chinese culture. Vietnamese cuisine is an assortment of French, Chinese, and Southeast Asia culinary skills. The last addition was when Vietnam adopted its love for broth soup during the invasion of the French colonizers in the 18th century. Tale has it that the cooks used leftover bones from slaughterhouses to make aromatic broth soups. Over the years, they have used the land’s palm sugar and coconut to sweeten the broths.

What is there to love about Vietnamese food?

The indigenous culture took a lot of pride in the uniqueness of their dishes. Instead of reacting to a sneezing person with ‘Bless You’ they conjured the response, ‘Com Muoi’ which means rice and salt. Rice and salt are the vocal equivalence of wishing one wellbeing and health. So what is it that draws outsiders like Anthony and other travelers to love the cuisine?

  • The fermented fish sauce is a favorite dish used in almost every single meal of the day, such as salads, marinades, and broth.
  • The country has a far-reaching love for herbs and spices. The best ingredients in Vietnam’s active street markets are a whiff and curried inclusion in kitchens. Some of these include ginger, mint, turmeric, cilantro, basil, lime leaf, garlic, green onions, dill, and lemongrass.
  • Vietnamese cooks do not consider unripe fruits just unripe. They will chop up green pawpaw to make a salad’s foundation or a sour addition to fish soup, chili, shrimp and garlic additives.
  • Ripe fruits make a sumptuous pudding for after meals. 

Vietnamese food is not a delicacy only found within the constraints of its nationality. One Best Thai Victoria spot is Pho Halong, which is a fast upcoming Vietnamese kitchen working together with the Little Thai Kitchen. Best Thai Victoria dishes from Pho Halong and Little Thai Place are available at the restaurant’s location in West Saanich Road in Victoria.

Our meals have a home cooked zest that will give your taste buds the indigenous Vietnamese cuisine experience.  The specially prepared fresh noodles, rib eye steak, and other flavors have a free delivery option for customers within Victoria and Saanich. You can pick your order at Shelbourne Plaza or talk to us to deliver freshly cooked food between five and nine o’clock in the evening.

best thai Victoria
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best thai Victoria