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Sub Ohm Tank

Sub Ohm Tank

A vaping machine usually uses electric current passed through a coil to produce heat, which in turn works on the e-liquid and produces vapors for the smoker to inhale. When this coil has a low resistance (lower than 1 ohm), it is called a sub ohm vape, and it produces higher power and therefore denser fumes. Whether you are using a sub ohm tank or a regular one, there are several benefits of conventional smoking.


Although e-cigarettes also use nicotine, the other harmful ingredients of cigarettes like the tobacco and the coal tar are absent in vapes. The detrimental effects of traditional cigarettes have been well documented over the years, and the sub ohm vapes that allow you to enjoy a full drag without stuffing you with carcinogens is more than welcome. The only problem is that vapes also use nicotine, and any health risks carried by nicotine are still present when you use vapes.

Good Company

A significant problem faced by smokers is that they carry around with them a lingering smell of burnt tobacco. Most people find the smell of stale smoke quite offensive and disgusting, and hence smokers often find themselves in an awkward space socially. Compared to that, a vaporizer can easily be flipped out anywhere without inviting any disapproving stares. That allows you to keep the company of people you like, without fear of offending them or turning them away.

Release from Addiction

The jury is still out on this one, since we couldn’t come across too many scientific studies to confirm, this way or that. But based on purely anecdotal evidence from users, it has been observed that unlike cigarette users, vape users could switch off and on when they wanted. They could go for more extended periods without vaping, with no withdrawal symptoms. The dangerous practice to be avoided, in case you are seeking freedom from addiction, is to prevent smoking both cigarettes as well as vaporizers at the same time, in which case the vapes will only pile on additional nicotine on your system.


A cigarette smoker would have two options of ‘flavors’ – the regular and the menthol. Compared to that, a vaporizer user has a multitude of choices to choose from for flavors. There are fruity flavors, mints, even toffee flavors and flavors similar to coffee, etc. This choice provides vapers a lot of variety, which sort of kept them engaged and distracted on their path to ultimately quitting smoking.

Since vaporizers are so useful, shouldn’t that mean you are going out to buy one immediately? Yes, you should, but for the fact that there are hundreds of companies vying for your business. You need to choose a company that is young enough to be updated with the latest trends and technical advancements, yet old enough to have the experience of producing good quality machines aligned to customer preferences. Our five-year-old company would provide perfect solutions to all your vaping needs, at prices that are very competitive and attractive.

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Sub Ohm Tank