Wine Preservation

Wine Preservation

Deciding what to do with an unfinished bottle of wine is a problem that often arises. An opened bottle of wine only stays fresh for one to three days, and we have all been in a situation where we ended up pouring wine away.

The issue of preserving an opened bottle of wine might arise when we have to open a bottle of wine for just a few people or wine pairing options.

It would be great if we could open any bottle of wine, drink only the amount we want, and preserve the rest.

What happens to open wine and sparkling wine? Here is what happens to an opened bottle of wine:

As soon as you uncork a bottle, oxygen begins to interact with the wine and change its composition over time. At first, this is a good thing, as oxygen encourages wine to open up and release its aromas (this can be inspired by swirling the wine in the glass, decanting, or aerating). If, however, wine is exposed to oxygen for an extended period, it will start to contaminate and slowly turn into vinegar. In short, it will lose its flavor, taste, and color.

Why You Need A Wine Preservative System

As far as sparkling wine goes, there is an additional problem with the oxidation process. Once the bottle has been opened, it loses carbonation, leaving a sparkling wine float.

These processes are why it is essential to preserve wine properly, to enjoy an opened bottle of wine over and over again. Here are different ways to keep an open bottle of wine.

Methods of Preserving Wine

There are three approaches to preserving wine:

  • I am replacing the air in the opened bottle using an inflatable corking system—for example, The Air Cork.
  • I am extracting the air in the opened bottle by creating a vacuum—for example, Vacu Vin.
  •  They are protecting the wine surface with a layer of gas. For example, basic systems like gas can come from private preserves or other sophisticated tools.

Methods of Preserving Sparkling Wine

  • Closing systems. For example, champagne stopper
  • Cooling tricks. For example, the spoon
  • I am creating overpressure and protection from oxidation.

For wine, methods such as the vacuum pump and the inflatable cork work best in combination with keeping the bottle refrigerated, but they are not suitable for preserving wine for more than a few days.

The advantage of the private preserve is the price, and it seems to do a decent job of preserving opened wine.

Different high-end preservers using argon gas have had positive results, but their downside is the device’s price and complexity. Unless you are extremely serious about wine, you will most likely not want to invest several hundred dollars for a wine preservation system. At wineemotionUSA, we have a system that works by giving high-tech devices at a reasonable cost. Similarly, its sleek design and easy application are also quite attractive.

As far as conserving sparkling wine goes, keeping it refrigerated is a precondition for all other methods to work. While using a spoon is most likely a myth and does not work, closing the opened sparkling wine with a good stopper can help keep it fresh for an extended period. If you want to properly preserve the flavor, taste, fizz, and color of your sparkling wine, this method works for you– something that no other way even comes close to achieving.

At Wineemotion, our preservation system makes sure that even the smallest of wine tasting portions are automatically conserved. With us, no wastage, no depletion. 

At Wineemotion, we pride ourselves on quality supply.

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